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MGSD Athletic Philosophy 

The Board believes that it is the purpose of an interscholastic program to provide the benefits of an athletic experience to as large a number of students as feasible within the District. Interscholastic athletic programs provide certain opportunities and emphasize definite aims difficult to duplicate in other school activities. A primary purpose of athletics is to provide each individual with a good background in health and physical fitness. Interscholastic athletics, as a part of the overall educational program, certainly assists in the achievement of these goals.

The experience derived from participation in interscholastic athletics should be enjoyable and beneficial. Even though victories are significant in any athletic program, it is understood that they do not come at the expense of educational objectives. In recognition of this fact, it should be emphasized that positive reinforcement should be the primary motivator used when coaching athletes. Participation by all students is encouraged.


GDS Sport Offerings

Girls Volleyball
Boys and Girls Cross Country

Boys Basketball
Girls Basketball

Boys and Girls Track & Field



Program Objectives

  • Give students an opportunity to participate in organized physical activity, recognizing that participation carries with it certain responsibilities.

  • Provide an outlet for athletic competition.

  • Provide a "whole school" interest and activity; to bring in students other than athletes and to include other student organizations.

  • Teach students good habits in health, hygiene and safety.

  • Teach new skills and offer opportunities to improve those already learned.

  • Provide opportunity to exemplify and observe good sportsmanship and good citizenship.

  • Provide opportunities for lasting friendships, both with teammates and opponents.

  • Teach that every sport has rules and regulations that must be followed.

  • Help students develop leadership skills, the ability to cooperate and meet responsibilities.


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Sport Schedules

All GDS athletic schedules are posted on this calendar.

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Nate Verhage

Business Education Teacher, Athletics Director
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Dawn Seifert

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